Saturday, March 22

Sponsored: The Patissier (Part 1)

Wow, I realise I really neglected my blog for some time. So sorry guys...

Well, I am in preparation of moving to a new home!
Are you excited for me?

Count down to 4 days, will be moving in on the 25th this month!

After which I would be settled down, going for my photo shoot on the 4th of April... and then be back to let you know about the sponsored cake Andres gotten for his birthday!

The Patissier has been one of the most awesome kind sponsor I ever had. They never did pressed on me to update my blog etc thus I am feeling so ever guilty. *cries*

I promise I will blog soon.

Well, look at the awesome cake AGAIN. its too awesome.

Hubby's good friend's son Zac! He loves the colourful cake! I love seeing kids smile like this happily for food or whatever they see. It makes everything worthwhile!

The cake looks good and taste absolutely amazing.
It sounds like I AM doing a post for The Patissier right now. But I don't think I would ever stop.
The reviews I receive from my guests were overwhelming.

You know, I have people in fb arguing with me over that blue layer of coating cant be eaten or will definitely taste yucky etc BUT NO. IT IS VERY YUMMY. It is AMAZINGLY good, honestly.. to me.. I love the coating more than the cake itself, tho the cake was already very soft and yummy to start from, its the first time I've ever eaten a cake of such designs with such a yummy coating. It is soft, somewhat chewy, texture n taste a bit like white chocolate but no not that gelat or sick-y to end with, you just WANT MORE.

In my opinion, I would REALLY love to have them all over again for any of my parties.

You have to TRY to believe it is THAT good.
Say bye to those hard, super sweet, 'nice on the outside but can only eat inside'.. almost inedible coating.

Check them out:
And their sister company

I can't thank The Patissier enough for the generous sponsor for my little son.
I bet he's gonna smile at his pictures when he grow older knowing he has gotten such a lovely cake at only 1 year old!

You can see how soft the cake is.. especially if you look closer, that the outer layer is incredibly soft. 

Here you go, mummy gives Andres a taste of his cake!

"hmm... taste yummy...."

"I WANT MORE!!!!" *shoved the plastic knife into his mouth*

I can't tell you how great was it but the only way is for you to try it for yourself.

I miss the cake, I REALLY DO.
Just kidding~~~~~~

Check them out:
And their sister company

Thank you Team The Patissier once again!

Meanwhile, do stay tune! I am moving to a new home in less than 4 days time and I am equally excited for my housewarming party!!!! More pictures will be up soon as well as Part 2 (The Patissier)!


Wednesday, February 5

Gangnam Laser Clinic

Happy CNY.

Just a little post about my trip to the Gangnam laser clinic for my Express Laser Facial.
I went with the hubby and we love it.
It has been around 2 weeks past the facial.

It is some sort of micro peeling facial and results will be more prominent after 1 week.
Usually takes more than 2 session to really really see very significant changes but can you imagine the husband now wants to sign on package with them because he did feel a very good change to his face after 1 week.

Yay because I can ride on his package. hehe.

First is consultation with the kind doctor, Dr Moses Ng. Who kinda gave a smile when he saw my face because he prolly thinks I have good skin to start with. But well, we both agree with aging and therefore it was right I am about to start taking care now.

Then I got a quick facial wash by a staff Debbie, which I never wanted it to end. Because its so comfy.... hahaha

And the laser started.
The first laser is abit painful but it is definitely bearable.
A little less painful than threading...

One round or two on the face and second laser.. which is cold to the touch for me..
Feels so much better..

And then finally a mask to end the facial.
Everything took about 10 minutes??

One thing I absolutely love about the place is how clean and simple the whole clinic is.
I mean, you are entrusting your face to them and definitely expect a clean and tidy place ya?

I can't wait for my next trip there.
By the way, despite my "good" natured skin, Doctor Moses Ng diagnosed I had tiny acnes around in between my brows. Hell, I thought they were little pimples for the longest time.. they were around for like.. more than a year?

Little did I know they were actually acnes.
I can't wait to have them away.

You guys can call up for a trial.
Its $88 for 2 trials of 2x laser/session! 
Super valued for money cos Ive done ma homework.
Ive asked people around in this line and... it is really worthwhile to give a try given this price.

Check them Facebook and Web!