Monday, May 18

29 months.

My lovely sunshine is 29 months old already! How time flies! I have become a mother for going 3 years...

There my brunch that day. Just a simple poach egg and lightly blanched brocolli with home made hummus and oven baked tortilla chips. 

Then sprinkled with garlic salt, black pepper and a dash of smoked paprika.

Ive made my 3rd batch of hummus, this time from scratch. No more canned ones, really soaked em for more than 15hours long, and then to a long boil.. And painstakingly removing each and every skin.. And put to blend. 

I added too much garlic this time and it ended up soooo garlicky and spicy. I love garlic but every time I eat it, I dread the after-smell... Hahahaha 

Alright, need to go to bed. Have to wake up early for a nail class later. 

Till then,

Sunday, May 3

Triple Berry Smoothie???

Ive recently gotten really addicted to this smoothie drink which I randomly thought of when I had left over berries and found a blender I wanted to throw away.

As you know, berries ain't cheap in Singapore, it is such a waste if you cannot finish them and they starts to soften/mould after a few days.. thus I decided to freeze them! 

I had this 'Shake n Take' blender I got from qoo10 at a steal some time ago, prolly $18?!

Ever since I bought it, it has been left lonely inside one of the shelves... one day I was packing my kitchen and really about to throw them away when I realise I could really give them one last hope. I found berries too and just decide to freeze them. 

I also coincidentally had orange juice so I thought might as well? 

Here goes, it is really addictive, and so refreshing. 

1 cup of orange juice
1 yakult
half a cup of frozen blue berries
half a cup of frozen strawberries
and a few frozen raspberries. 

Normally I dont measure in cups.. I just imagined. I hope my measurements are near to what I am using. Usually I just grab and I dont really know how much I added. 

But I realised that you definitely need more blueberries. The flavour punch in more. 

Oh, add a banana if you have. Makes it so creamy and smooth. 

For now, I shall take my last cup of Choya Sparkling before going to bed. 

Good night,