Thursday, January 14

Embarking on a new stage.

A new year, a new start. 

The hubby and I are ready to embrace this 2016 with lots of changes in our lifestyle. Well, if you don't walk out of your comfort zone, you'll never really realise how far you can go. 

Andres has gone to a new school this year, the location is indeed quite a hassle but during this 2weeks, I did see improvements in his attitude to school especially these two days. 

Feeling really relief that the crying has gone down quite abit. Really thankful for the teachers whom must have done a great job to calm and soothe Andres. 

I remember the ordeal we went through in his previous school.. 4months and he was still doing badly, afraid, crying.. Etc 

Well, that was in 2015! Everything will be better and indeed! 

Life is not perfect, life is not easy, life is always good. 

Everyday I have something good in my life to speak about, and for that I am really grateful and appreciative. 



Wednesday, September 2


It's been a really tiring but fun day! 

Not exactly tired from photoshoot though, I didn't slept well the night before, and right after the photoshoot I got home for a nail appt.. And then.. Do what housewives do best. Prepare dinner.... Lol!

Can yall guess what are we here for? Well, anyway it will be known soon. 

I had a really fun time working together with everyone! 

Goofing around during "work".. Hahaha

My 2nd time working with these lovely girls, Kimberley and Shirley. And Alan!

And also the same photography team, I didnt get how to spell his name, should be Scott. (:

With Zheng Ge Ping, working with veterans like them makes everything so much easier! They can really break the ice and bring up the whole atmosphere! It was really awesome to be able to work together! What an experience! 

Me slacking off~~ oops! 

Really love Aunty Kim Kiat's make up, she is so professional and I can put my mind at ease when she is doing my make up for me! Everything done up so effortlessly and fast! Thank you Aunty Kim Kiat!! 

And... It is a wrap!! Whoohoo!! 
Also, special thanks to i-app, am really glad to be a part of this shoot! 

I've been up since 8am. Need to sleep NOW. Masking now to make up for the moisture lost~~~ 

Good night world.