Monday, April 27

Hummus without Tahini~

Made my first home-made Hummus! 
Do you know Hummus is actually very healthy? 

You can omit out Tahini (Simply a blend of sesame) to save on calories! 

My simple recipe goes like this:

1 can chickpeas (I am still trying to find dry/raw chickpeas, don't really fancy anything canned?!)
About 2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp EVOO 
1 tbsp Sesame oil
Sprinkle black pepper as needed
Some water (You can use stock or liquid reserved from canned chickpeas)
Truffle salt to taste

And blend! Add liquid accordingly to your favourite consistency! 

Love it! I think I can do better with this simple recipe, perhaps adding some cumin/paprika and even avocado. 

Just google! Tons of recipe and articles about the benefits of Hummus. 

Keep calm and eat well.


Wednesday, April 22

Gangnam Laser Clinic: P Facial and KPL Photoshower

(No filter nor anything done to any of the pictures in this post. Just raw taken from phone.)

Was invited by Gangnam Laser Clinic to try out the new KPL photoshower and P facial and I must say it is highly recommended!

The latest Gangnam KPL Photoshower treatment has a new generation of light energy device that is designed to target uneven skin tone through a shower of microsecond pulses that’s gentle and non-abrasive!

After a short discussion with Dr Felix Li to understand more about my skin conditions before he start on the treatment, I went to the treatment room for a gentle wash to cleanse my face and prep for treatment.

Pretty assistant to help me with prepping my face before treatment!

Now, with my eyes all covered up for protection, I am all ready!

After cleansing off the gel~
You can see on the left that my skin tone really brightens up. We didnt really managed to snap a good 'before/after' pic, but I think these few pics speaks for itself. (;

Please please don't judge me. Hahaha just ignore my giant arm. 

Well, during the P facial, it hurts a little, my pain tolerance is super super low. Like.. even an injection could make me really scared.. 

 It feels somewhat pricky during each shot, but it gets better and better.. 

 Dr Li was really very very patience with me, tuning the strength as we go along~~ 

After which we moved on to the KPL photoshower (video embedded below)..
Not painful at all, really quite cool cos it just kept flashing, am really wondering is that how the 'name' of the treatment comes by…

After treatment, Dr Li specifically told me that he was really satisfied with the results because he could see a difference in my veins.. they were much lighter already. Even though those veins has never been a hindrance to me.. but upon hearing how confident Dr Li was, it makes me rather happy that everything went so well!

I really think a good doctor goes a long way. If your doctor cares about your skin more than you, you found the right place. 

The very next day, I woke up with really velvety smooth skin~~


Give it a trial! The treatment is only going at $48 now!

Thank you Dr Felix Li and team at Gangnam Laser Clinic!
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